Incense Matches

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The Incense Match is your portable, on-the-go space cleanser and air freshener. 

Incense matches light like a match and burns like incense.

Choose from the following scents:

▪︎ Patchouli: has a strong, deep earthy scent. It is associated with fire and air. This potent and versatile plant evokes emotions of nostalgia, passion and relaxation in those who use it. 

▪︎ French Vanilla: a classic, rich and creamy vanilla, evoking love energy, with subtle hints of pure white sugar and musk. It is associated with the element of air.

▪︎ Rain: this water element fragrance smells like a sunny day after a spring drizzle. Rain symbolizes a methodical and consistent search for spiritual truth, refreshing ones insights. 

▪︎ Cinnamon: this sultry fragrance is spicy and sweet. Cinnamon is ruled by fire and the moon, has a high vibration that can be used to reach a higher state of spirituality. 

▪︎ Goddess of Egypt: soft scent of florals blended with the woodsy scents of myrrh, sandalwood and frankincense reminiscent.

▪︎ Sandalwood: this grounding and uplifting, deep, woody scent a smells like a mix of floral, rich, balsamic, soft and sweet accents. 

▪︎ Jasmine: an exotic, rich, sweet floral top note, accompanied by a subtle but rich woody musk.

▪︎  Frankincense:  a delightful blend of aromatic pine, citruses, smoky, oriental spices, rosemary and resins in its pure form.

▪︎ Oriental Blossom: a fresh, subtle, floral scent having lilac and rose qualities, accented with creamy vanilla and soft, almond-like aromas.

There are 30 individual incense matches in each matchbook. 

Directions: Lite match, let burn down 1/3 inch, blow out and put in ashtray.

Please note: order comes with One incense match book only. Crystals are shown for display purposes only.

Disclaimer: The above description has not been evaluated by the FDA. This item is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.  If you have medical concerns please consult your medical professional before using this product. 

Product Info

This is a natural product.

Ensure to educate yourself on your stones energetic potential and care.


Disclaimer: The above description has not been evaluated by the FDA. This item is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. If you have medical concerns, please consult your medical professional before using this product. 

How To Use

1. Set your intention, when used in meditation.

2. You can cleanse and charge stones in full moon or sunlight. Best times to do this is 30 minutes before and after sunrise and sunset. Just set on a window sill facing east (sunrise) and west (sunset)

3. You can also use smudge smoke to cleanse your gemstones and crytals.

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