Intentional Wellness and Self-Care Essentials that add beauty and vibrant energy to your life.

Exult Life was inspired by my personal development and healing journey. In 2010, I had an awakening after experiencing burnout and knew I wanted to live a life that was intentional and connected with myself and Mother Nature.

As a result, I went vegan. That dietary change also altered my mindset. I started to focus on creating personal care items like soap, body oils, scrubs, and botanical blended bath soaks for my family and personal use. I read and researched more and started to learn about crystals, which I started adding to my spaces and in my meditation acts to curate my energy. I then started infusing crystal energy into my personal care items to give them a little extra “magic.”

I would give my items away as gifts and everyone kept asking where they could purchase them.

I was lucky enough to vibrate high enough to connect and share the same passion for living intentionally with my co-founders, Princess and Brielle who helped to bring my vision to fruition, for which I am eternally grateful.

Our creations are intended to enhance the quality of your life. You can use our creations in meditation, give them to loved ones, for decoration, as self-development tools or in your self-care rituals and daily life.

The most important thing I have learned on my self-care and self-development journey is - you must prioritize health, healing, love, and peace.

Our goods and essentials will help you to vibrate a little higher. We are honored to share our love through our product creations. We wish you ultimate health, wealth, love, perfect happiness, and an Exult Life.

Team Trinity

Chivonne Hitchens, Princess Hall and Brielle Duncan, are long-time friends and business partners that started a life strategy practice together, Myriad Dynamics. We have dedicated our lives to helping others live their best lives.

Exult Life is an extension of our creativity, love of nature, and passion to uplift and add positive energy to other humans everywhere.

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